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Exhibitor Application Form – MAIL IN FORM

Klamath Art Gallery Exhibitor Application  revised 2/2021 
Link to Exhibit Policies

Please read the entire document before filling out this application. Name (Print): ____________________________________  Today’s date:______________

Address: ________________________________________City____________________________

State: _________ Zip: __________  e-mail:________________________________________

Preferred Phone #: ______________________________

Type of art or photography you would like to show: __________________________________________________________________________

Please check the gallery calendar at this link KAA Calendar  to see what months are available, then indicate at least two preferences for showing by circling and filling in the year (months not listed are dedicated to annual gallery events): 

Jan 20___  Mar 20 ___   Apr 20___  Jun 20___  Jul 20___  Aug 20___ Sep 20___    Oct 20__

  Along with a completed copy of this page, please submit also

  • A brief written document that includes a short biography about yourself as an artist or photographer, a verbal description of your work, a resume of your previous showings, if any, and any other information you deem relevant. We will be using your information to write press releases and public service announcements.  
  • 8-12 sample images (photographs or digital images) of your work, in electronic or hard copy form. 
  • If you have a website for your work, give us the complete website address below:
  • ____________________________________________________________________

You may submit your application in either of two ways:

  • Postal Mail all materials to Klamath Art Association, PO Box 955, Klamath Falls, OR 97601. If you would like your materials returned, enclose a self-addressed, stamped envelope. Be sure that the envelope is large enough to hold your materials, and that it has sufficient postage.
  • Please do not turn in applications in person to the Gallery!!!!!

Do not write below this line. ________________________________________________________________________
Board Action: ________________Date: _______ Month/Year Approved: ___________

Board Member Signature: ____________________________________

Notes: ______________________________________________________________________

About Exhibiting at the Klamath Art Gallery

  • Shows begin at noon on the first Sunday of the month, and go until 4 PM the last Sunday of the month. Between those times, the gallery is open noon to 4 PM Thursday through Sunday, except holidays. The artist is welcome to be at the gallery at any time during their show.
  • Opening receptions are canceled until allowed by statewide COVID guidance.
  • The artist will be issued a key to the gallery in the week prior to their show, and will have access to the gallery to install their show on the Friday and Saturday before the show opens. Work should come down by the end of the day on Monday after the show closes.
  • The gallery has approximately 60 linear feet of walls (80 inches tall) for wall art. There are tables and standing carpeted display panels available for use on the gallery floor.
  • At least 75% of the pieces in a show must be for sale and all artwork is expected to remain up for the entire month, unless sold. The gallery commission on sales is 25% for dues-paid members and 30% for non-members.
  • If an application is accepted, the artist is required to fill out a contract within 30 days of notification. A non-refundable $50 booking fee and a $10 refundable key fee are to be paid upon return of the contract. 
  • The gallery will handle publicity for the showing. The gallery distributes posters to locations around town, arranges for a press release, and posts notifications on Facebook.
  • The artist will be provided with an electronic version of the poster and postcards for the show, as well as 12 postcards for personal mailing. The artist may purchase additional postcards directly from the printer.
  • The Artist Contracts/Exhibit Coordinator (ACEC) will work with the artist from receipt of the application through payment and return of the gallery key.

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