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KAA Privacy Policy

Klamath Art Association Privacy Policy

1. We do not share your contact information, your email address or our membership list other organizations or individuals. Period.

2. If we get a request for your contact information, we send or phone the name, phone number or email address of the person requesting it to you first. It will be up to you to initiate contact with that person. Our gallery hosts have been instructed NOT to give out personal information.

3. Inside our administrative organization, only Board members receive a membership list. Even the gallery copy of the membership list is never to be left in public view. 

4. Our bulk email list is even more restricted. Only 5 board members have regular access to it, on a “need to know” basis. And when one of them needs to send a message to our membership, all bulk emails are sent “blind copy”, i.e. using the Bcc. address window. Those members are the President, the Membership Chair, the Newsletter Editor, the Web page and E-mail Volunteer and the Social Media Volunteer.

5. If another member needs to send bulk email to the membership they need to send it to and ask the E-mail Volunteer forward to the membership.

6. We take the privacy of our members seriously

New Member Welcome Message

Thanks so much for joining KAA!  We welcome your support and participation.

We use our e-mail service to keep members “up to date” on exhibiting opportunities, grants to artists, special events, solutions to art and photo supply issues, and we try to answer your questions when the need arises. 

In order to get our time sensitive e-mail updates, you will want to add our email address to your email software address book.  We try hard not to overload you with unnecessary information. Many of our announcements are TIME sensitive related to opportunities that come up. You will also be receiving a quarterly newsletter on line, but the newsletter deadlines, often miss things that come up after it is published.

We also post information on our extensive web site and it is updated often…as needed. It will help you feel at home as a KAA member. You will want to bookmark its web address in your web browser software. Here is the KAA email address:

Many of your questions can be addressed by looking things up on the web page. Especially important is the Calendar page: here is the link: Many of our members print it off and keep a copy handy.

We try to answer your e-mail questions within 24-36 hours. We generally check e-mail once per day, unless out of town. We are here to help you enjoy your membership. Sometimes we refer your question to the appropriate Board Member and their response may take longer to get back to you.