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Hey, wonderful GARDEN VOLUNTEERS!  Are you asking when the Klamath Art Gallery Garden Work Parties will begin?

Here are the dates, which are the last Saturdays, of these months: April 29, June 24, August 26 and October 28.

We will work from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm. Please bring work gloves and an appetite for cinnamon rolls!

If mowing needs to be done between these dates, let me know if you can mow. The mower will be checked to see if it will turn on easily.

Some jobs are to scrape the moss off of the roofs of the two out buildings, trim bushes and trees, plant bulbs and flowers, rake leaves and cut edges.
If you have bulbs, bushes or flower plants, like pansies, to donate, let me know!

There will be bottles of water, coffee and cinnamon rolls for all gardeners – yummy : )

If you wish to help, please mark these dates on your calendar and add my phone number to your address list so you can text me at 916-807-9579 or email me at
I will be looking forward to hearing from you so we will have fun times and your help and/or donations are greatly appreciated…

Let’s spring into the green season!

2023 Annual Election Meeting – May 27, 2023 12:00 Noon – 2:00 PM

Favell Museum – downstairs banquet room

Note-The Favel Museum is graciously letting us use their facility at no cost, but there is a chance it could be rented out   the day. If this happens, we will meet at the Gallery.

You are invited to join your fellow artists and gallery members for our 2023 annual election meeting.  Lunch will be a potluck so bring your favorite potluck dish.  We have several positions to fill and hope that you will feel inspired to participate in the important task of keeping the gallery running smoothly.  We are an all- volunteer organization who relies on its members to bring their unique talents, ideas, enthusiasm, and input to our gallery.   We hope that you feel that volunteering for one of these positions is the way in which you would like to contribute to our one-of-a-kind art venue. Positions on the ballot this year include Building Maintenance, Education Director, Graphic Artist, Gallery Grounds Maintenance, Gallery Historian, Newsletter, Off Site Exhibit Coordinator, Poster Distribution Coordinator, Publicity/Media Contact, Publicity Coordinator, , Special Events Coordinator and Web Page/email/Equipment rental.  As you know, we can also always use more gallery hosts.  They sit once a month, or you could be a substitute host. Please contact Debbie Beckman at if you have any questions about any of these positions.



Web page/email/equipment rental


Education Director

Building Maintenance

Gallery Grounds Maintenance

Gallery Historian


Off Site Exhibit Coordinator

Poster Distribution Coordinator

Social Receptions

Special Events Coordinator


. Education Director – Plans monthly membership programs and facilitates other educational opportunities such as workshops, seminars and classes.

Gallery Interior Maintenance – Duties consist of keeping the interior of the gallery clean and orderly.  Also responsible for repairing or arranging to have repairs made to the interior of the gallery.

Gallery Grounds Maintenance – Duties include making sure the lawn gets mowed and watered, that general yard work gets done, that unexpected heavy snow gets removed from the walkways and that repairs to the outside of the building and to the grounds get done as needed. This may involve organizing volunteers to get the work done.              

Gallery Off-site Exhibits – Works with the Board on art displays that will remain hanging at businesses or other locations for extended periods of time – one month or more.

Newsletter – Gathers information for a newsletter and produces it quarterly.

Poster Distribution – Maintains the poster distribution route list and updates it as needed based on feedback from the people doing the distribution and from other members. The goal is to keep the list accurate and control printing costs.

Special Events Coordinator – Works with the Board on special events that require art displays at conventions, conferences and fairs (mostly on weekends). Yes, we have an outdoor event tent!  Great job for someone who likes to meet the public and promote the gallery and its members work.

Social/Receptions – Acts as host and sets up food for gallery receptions.

Web Communications – Maintains Gallery Web Site & handles web communication with members.  


KAA would like to thank Diamond Home Improvement for donating a large bag of bird seed to give to gallery attendants during our opening reception of our “A Celebration of Birds” exhibit to spread the joy for celebrating our birds!! KAA appreciates the kind staff going out of their way to make this happen!


Calendar of Current and Upcoming Exhibits at the Gallery  (for additional information go to KAA Calendar)

April 2, 2023 – March 30, 2023 “Happily Compelled to Paint” by Artist Gail Holt

May 7, 2023 – Mat 28, 2023 Annual Membership Exhibit