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Membership Application and Renewal – Mail In Form

Klamath Art Association and Gallery Membership Application/Renewal Form and Address Change Notification

The Klamath Art Gallery is a non-profit membership supported gallery. Every member is a valuable supporter! Membership benefits are huge! Networking within the community, and learning about statewide opportunities to view and sell artwork or photography,  keep KAA members extremely well informed. NEW for members…rental display panels available for 1 week rentals.

Please fill in the information below COMPLETELY EACH AND EVERY TIME YOU PAY or RENEW!!! Make a check payable to the Klamath Art Association.

Mail this form to:       KAA,  P.O. Box 955,  Klamath Falls, OR 97601

(Please print)




State:______________________ ZIP______________________

Phone#_____________________________________________ E-mail:______________________________________________

Date Paid:__________________________________________


Art Media(s): _________________________________________________

*Website: ___________________________________________

Dues and Donations:

Senior (over 60) / student     $ 35    _________________

Single                                 $ 40    _________________

Family                                $ 50    _________________

Your website linked*              $  5    _________________

Business Partner                  $ 55    _________________

Patron                                   $ 65    _________________

Bronze Patron                     $ 100  __________________

Silver Patron                       $ 250  __________________                          

Gold Patron                         $ 500  __________________

Platinum Patron                $ 1000  __________________

Donation  __________________

* If you would like to have your web site linked to the KAA site, just add $ 5.00 to your yearly dues

Total due   $______________         

Paid by ( circle one)         Credit Card       Cash         Check

NOTE: Upon receipt of your completed application, it will be sent by the Treasurer to the Membership Chair who maintains accurate membership records,  so members need to fill them out accurately and completely each time they join or renew .

The KAA Privacy Policy prohibits officers and board members from divulging your personal information.

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