Art Association and Gallery

About the Gallery Mural

June 2016 KAA Mural Project

 “The Spirit of Art”

Painting by Chris Young

Design by Martha Waardenburg Painting assistance from:
 Martha Waardenburg aided by Debbie Beckman
(Photos by Debbie and Greg Beckman)

This three dimensional concept portrays the spirit inherent in all forms of visual art including drawing, painting, photography, sculpture,  jewelry making, crafts and everything in-between.

Chris Young drawing the projected image on the street side wall.
Martha Waardenburg and Chris Young beginning to paint.
Applying the edge frame.
Chris Young adding detail.
Detailing the image about photography at the gallery.
Martha Waardenburg watches Debbie Beckman
 assist with edge painting.
Debbie Beckman works on frame edge.
Lifetime member Adra Turner.
Thursday Art Group watched progress.
Chris Young being interviewed by Lyle Ahrens
from KOTI TV Channel 2.
Getting instant response from passers by. Mission accomplished:
drawing attention to the gallery.