Art Association and Gallery

Exhibit Policies and Proceedures

The Klamath Art Association stimulates and encourages the practice, study, and appreciation of the visual arts.The association provides opportunities for:*  Artists to show and sell their work in our gallery and gift shop, and other venues.*  The public to view and purchase art work and gifts from the gallery and gift shop.*  Both aspiring and experienced artists to develop their skills through classes and    groups.* Artists to connect with the public, and with each other.

“NO Tape is to be used on the wooden furniture in the gallery EVER!

Exhibit Policies for KAA Sponsored Group Shows
(Showings by individuals have more flexibility)

As the Klamath Art Gallery is a traditional non-profit art gallery, we need to protect the integrity of our showings until the show is really over. The last person who comes to see an exhibit during the last 15 minutes of the show should have the same experience as the first day of each new exhibit. We also need to respect the artists and the volunteers who have put in hundreds of hours making each exhibit possible. Therefore:

Exhibitors Responsibilities:

Artists have been instructed that they may not remove work early from this showing. If they do, they will be billed the entire commission as if the work has been sold during that month. All unsold work must stay until 3:00 PM the last day of the showing. The basic philosophy behind this request is that “Its not over, until its over! Artists lose sales and the gallery loses commissions. During April of 2006, two works were purchased during the last two hours of the last day of the showing.  

If a work is sold during the month, the buyer has the option to take the work with them upon full payment, and the artist will be contacted for a replacement piece for the rest of the month. Artists and buyers (who have left the work until the end of the month) are to pick up unsold work from 3;00 to 5:00 PM the last Sunday of the month.

Artists may pre-arrange for a family member or another gallery member to pick up work for them.  Do not ask to remove work early for any reason before the exhibit closes at 3:00 PM on the last Sunday of the month.  It is extremely unprofessional and it will jeopardize your status to show in the future.  If you do not pick up work on time, after 30 days the member will be reminded by phone or email, then again at 60 days another reminder will be made. Works left longer than 90 days become the property of the gallery to sell or dispose of as the Board of Directors sees fit.

Request to Buyers:
       Buyers may take their purchased works home when the gallery receives full payment for a work; or they may leave them until the end of the month. If a work is to be left until the last Sunday, a “Sold” sticker will be placed on the exhibit tag next to the work. The buyer will need to bring a receipt with them when they pick up the work. No work is considered sold, until full payment has been made.

Special Size/Quantity Rules for Membership and Invitational Group Shows ONLY – for works that have to hang on a wall.

       In order to insure that every member and every invitee is able to show 1 or 2 examples of their work in our gallery sponsored group showings. There is a limit of two works if they are under 24″ x 36 inches measured from the external edges of the frame or a total of 864 square inches (external measurements) if they are an odd shape frame. For crafts work, or sculptures, that are displayed on pedestals, or on table tops, and NEW this year standing racks for hanging items! display space is at the discretion of the volunteers setting up the exhibit.


1 work up to 28″ x 42″ as measured to the external edges of the frame or a total of 1,176 square inches as measured by the external edges of the frame.

All works  must have wire back hangers – no hooks or loops. NO exceptions. “Coloring Book” art is specifically excluded as it is not original art, except for small items in the gift shop.  

       If your membership is part of a GROUP membership such as “Weavers” Guild, your entire group comes under the two piece limit. You are of course, encouraged to buy an individual membership if you wish to hang two of your own works on the wall!

Paperwork: All members MUST fill out an inventory sheet, exhibit tags and sales sheet for each/every individual piece of work, including multiples of the same type of thing. NO work will be displayed without proper paperwork. NO exceptions. 15 bookmarks = 15 tags! The item number on the tags must match the item number on the inventory sheet. Every item must have its own distinct tag and number. The gallery numbering system is as follows:

Inventory Numbering System: THREE initials of your name, an actual item number, show code. (EXAMPLE: “Maggie Pricilla DoRight’s” inventory numbers for a May show would be MPD1May, MPD2May, etc. The Monthly Show Codes are: JAN, FEB, MAR, APR, MAY, JUN, JULY, AUG, SEP, OCT, HOL,  and “S” for sales gallery.

Exhibiting paperwork may be picked up at the gallery two weeks before the exhibit due date or requested from using the subject line FORMS.

All work MUST be for sale for membership and group shows. Gallery commission on sales is 25% for members who are up-to-date on dues payment. Non-members may show in open invitational events as noted, but pay a 30% commission for all works sold. There is an entry fee of $5.00 for non members for each group showing.

Note: There are no size limitations for regular individual gallery exhibits, other than the size of the gallery and individuals can only request an individual showing every 12 months. Members with large works are encouraged to apply for individual showings. Here is the link to an exhibit application: Exhibitor Application Form