Art Association and Gallery

Board of Directors

Current Officers and Board Members are:
The Board of Directors meets the second Tuesday of the month at the gallery.
Summer schedule:  April through October, 6 PM
Winter schedule: November through March, 2 PM.

Elected on May 15, 2021

Executive Officers Positions

President (Interim) – Greg Beckman – OPEN

Vice President (Interim)– Debbie Campolo – OPEN

Treasurer – Delbert Bell – OPEN

Secretary – Kathleen Benson

Board of Directors

Artist Contracting/Exhibits – OPEN

Education Director- #1 – Mary Orso Education Director #2 – Shirley Bonaparte

Gallery Building Maintenance – Greg Beckman

Gallery Exhibits Director – Debbie Beckman

Gallery Grounds Maintenance – Katelyn Fergeson, & Ruth Olsen

Gallery Historian – Barbara Turner

Gallery Host Coordinator – Debbie Beckman & Pat Eck

Gallery Interior Maintenance – Greg Beckman

Gallery Off-Site Exhibits and Special Events Coordinator – Paula Walborn

Gift Shop Sales Manager – Charlotte Motschenbacher, Joyce Wagler

Grant Writer – Kathleen Benson

Keeper of the Keys – Greg and Debbie Beckman

Membership Chair – Dona Nelson

Newsletter Editor – Marion Clifford

Poster Distribution – Coordinator Jonne Goeller, Dona Nelson, Greg Beckman, Kathleen Benson, Kathleen Ferguson, and Joyce Wagler         

Newsletter Editor, Publicity Coordinator and Graphic Artist – Marion Clifford

Sagebrush Rendezvous Coordinators – Greg and Debbie Beckman

Social/Receptions – Greg & Debbie Beckman

Web Page, E-mail service & equipment rental – Debbie Campolo

Thank you to those members who continue to serve on the Board and as key volunteers who keep the gallery running. We welcome members who are new to the board who give us fresh ideas and perspective as well as their hard work!
If you are interested in volunteering, please contact one of the officers, or email us at