Art Association and Gallery


KAA Membership 

You need not be an artist to join the Klamath Art Association – all are welcome!! Your membership helps us provide opportunity for local artists to show their work, and for Klamath Falls residents and visitors to enjoy art by local artists (and occasionally by those farther away). Membership benefits are huge! Networking within the community, and learning about statewide opportunities to view and sell artwork or photography keep KAA members extremely well informed.

Applying for or Renewing your Membership

To apply for new membership or to renew your membership through PayPal, click on this link: Membership Application and Renewal with PayPal.

Mail in membership applications/renewal forms are available by clicking on this link: Membership Application and Renewal .  Please note to mail them to our post office box listed on the application. 

Applications/renewal forms are also available at the gallery where you may pay in person. 


Privacy Policies

We take the privacy of our members seriously:

  • We do not share any of your personal information, or contact information with other organizations or individuals.
  • If we get a request for your contact information, we will send or phone the name, phone number or email address of the person requesting it to you. You can then determine whether you to initiate contact with that person. Our gallery hosts have been instructed NOT to give out personal information.
  • Inside our administrative organization, only board members receive a membership list.
  • Only five  board members have regular access to our bulk e-mail list, and all bulk emails are sent “blind copy” (Bcc), so that members do not see each others’ e-mail addresses.

Staying Informed as a KAA Member

We always have something going on, and we try to get word out through several digital avenues. First, we have the New and Upcoming page at this website along with the KAA calendar KAA Calendar, with announcements and a calendar of upcoming exhibits. We also maintain a Klamath Art Association and Gallery Facebook page, and information deemed relevant to the general membership is sent out by e-mail.


Volunteers are always welcome!You must be a member to volunteer. For a current list of volunteer opportunities  click on this link: Current Volunteer Needs and/or contact us us at or phone us at 541-883-1833 if you are interested in learning more.

There are numerous opportunities to contribute to the KAA as a volunteer:

  • Gallery hosts are almost always needed. To volunteer for this, contact Debbie Beckman by sending an e-mail to with subject line Attn: Debbie Beckman.
  • Volunteers are needed to tend to our gardens on a regular basis. Contact Katelyn Ferguson by sending an e-mail to with subject line Attn: Katelyn Ferguson.
  • We occasionally have board positions open between elections. See the section for Board of Directors for what is currently open or visit our Current Volunteer needs tab
  • Volunteers may be sought on occasion to help a board member with their area of responsibility. Such opportunities will be requested by general email.

Giving a Class at the Gallery

Instructors are needed to teach on line classes:The gallery is looking for qualified instructors to teach art, crafts, and photography classes.  It is up to the instructor to set their tuition fee for each class.  Information about teaching a class is available on this tab or click on this link: Classes at the Gallery and at the gallery. If you plan to provide materials, that needs to be in your fee structure.

Exhibiting at the Gallery

Requesting an exhibit at the Klamath Art Gallery: The gallery is now taking applications for the year 2023. The Gallery will also consider requests to fill in for possible future cancellations.  Click on this link for our digital application form: Exhibitor Application Form  or on this link for our mail in form: Also be sure to carefully read “Exhibit Policies and Procedures” tab or click A deposit fee is required.  Following the receipt of your application form, you will be given instructions regarding how to complete the application packet and where to mail it.

Application forms are also available at the gallery. If you have other questions about exhibiting, contact us via email to or phone the gallery at 541-883-1833 during business hours from 12 – 4 PM Thursdays through Sundays.