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Help Needed!!


Mark your calendars! On April 30, June 25th and September 24, all Saturdays from 10 am to 12 pm the Gallery needs help for grounds maintenance!

All helping hands and donations are appreciated and NEEDED!! If you have plants and/or potting soil to donate, please bring them. Bring a trowel if you have one! Bring a friend! Bring a spouse! Or come with nothing by yourself – it’s the hands that are needed!!

Refreshments will be served!

Our Grounds Maintenance Coordinator, Katelyn Ferguson, would appreciate a call or text to tell her you can attend: 916-807-9579

2022 Annual Election Meeting – May 21, 2022 12:00 Noon – 2:00 PM

Favell Museum – downstairs banquet room

Note-The Favel Museum is graciously letting us use their facility at no cost, but there is a chance it could be rented out   the day. If this happens, you will be notified of the new location.

You are invited to join your fellow artists and gallery members for our 2022 annual election meeting.  Lunch will be a potluck so bring your favorite potluck dish.  We have several positions to fill and hope that you will feel inspired to participate in the important task of keeping the gallery running smoothly.  We are an all- volunteer organization who relies on its members to bring their unique talents, ideas, enthusiasm, and input to our gallery.  One of the positions now open, Treasurer, is critical to the running of the gallery.  We hope that you feel that volunteering for one of these positions is the way in which you would like to contribute to our one-of-a-kind art venue.  Other positions on the ballot this year include President, Vice President, Secretary, Gallery Exhibit Director, Gallery Host Coordinator, Gallery Off-site Exhibits, Grant Writer, Gift Shop Sales Manager, Graphic Artist, Keeper of the keys, Membership Chair, Poster Distribution Coordinator, Publicity/Media Contact, Publicity Coordinator, Special Events Coordinator.  As you know, we can also always use more gallery hosts.  They sit once a month, or you could be a substitute host. Please contact Debbie Beckman at if you have any questions about any of these positions.




Special Events Coordinator

Gallery Off-site Exhibits





Artist Contracting/Exhibit Coordinator

Gallery Exhibits Director

Gallery Host Coordinator

Graphic Artist

Grant Writer

Keeper of the Keys

Membership Chair

Gift Shop Sales Manager

Publicity/Media Contact

Publicity Coordinator

Poster Distribution Coordinator


President – Oversees all gallery operations, convenes and chairs board meetings, etc. Is the overall contact point for the organization for general inquiries (questions about particular events or shows can often go to its coordinator).

  • Do the agendas (board members e-mail items to you to be put on the agenda) and run the monthly meetings.
  • Pick up the mail at the Post Office and distribute it to the appropriate board members (checks and bills go to the Treasurer and membership related items go to the Membership Chairperson.
  • Make smaller decisions if they need to be decided before the next board meeting (like making the decision to purchase a new lawn mower so the grass doesn’t get overgrown before the next meeting).  You always have other people to consult and talk to and most of the decisions are group decisions.
  • The Strategic Plan needs to be updated once a year.  This can be accomplished at a board meeting or by arranging a special planning session for several hours.
  • Sign checks when the treasurer asks you to (they all get signatures from two board members.
  • Be a cheerleader, talking about what the association does when possible.  But all the rest of the board does that too.

Vice-President – Help with all the decisions and lead the meetings if the President is away.  During the term of Vice-president, the person learns how everything works and is generally expected to step up to the position of President eventually.

Secretary –– Takes minutes at each meeting, presents them in typed form at the next meeting and leaves a copy at the gallery. Also handles other correspondence as needed.

Treasurer – Manages the galleries funds, issues monthly reports and writes checks.

Artist Contracting –Responsible for shepherding individual and small group exhibitors through the process of application for, contracting of and the installation and removal of their exhibits.  The ACEC is not responsible for Membership and Invitational Exhibits, or any other large group shows.  For any individual or small group exhibit, the ACEC will 1) Receive the application for exhibit and present it to the board.  2)  Notify the applicant of acceptance or rejection 3) Procure a signed contract, $50 booking fee and $10 key deposit from the artist(s) 4) Oversee provision of a biography/artist’s statement and digital images of artwork to the Publicity Coordinator/Graphic Artist, Newsletter Director and Web Page & Email Communications Director along with anything else they might need 5) Facilitate removal of the installation and retrieval of the gallery key.  A more detailed job description is available upon request.

Gallery Exhibits Director – Makes sure artist has a way of getting into the gallery to hang their show and coordinates the event.

Gallery Host Coordinator – Schedules gallery hosts for each month

Gallery Off-site  Exhibits – Works with the Board on art displays that will remain hanging at businesses or other locations for extended periods of time – one month or more.

Gift Shop Sales Manager – Keeps the gift shop organized and stocked.

Grant Writer – Works with the Officers to apply for grants for building improvements and gallery programs (can be done at home).

Graphic Artist – Designs posters, postcards, brochures and other products as needed.

Keeper of the Keys – Distributes and tracks the assignment of the gallery keys.

Membership chair – Updates membership list, sends out dues notifications and other membership related correspondence and makes labels for newsletters and postcards.

Newsletter – Gathers information for a newsletter and produces it quarterly.

Poster Distribution – Maintains the poster distribution route list and updates it as needed based on feedback from the people doing the distribution and from other members. The goal is to keep the list accurate and control printing costs.

Publicity Coordinator – Heads the team of Publicity – Media Contacting, Graphic Artist and Web Communications)

Publicity/Media Contact – Collects information about upcoming shows, writes press releases and distributes them to newspapers, radio and television stations and to our own newsletter editor.  Also works with our graphic artist and web designer.

Special Events Coordinator – Works with the Board on special events that require art displays at conventions, conferences and fairs (mostly on weekends). Yes, we have an outdoor even tent!  Great job for someone who likes to meet the public and promote the gallery and its members work.


Calendar of Current and Upcoming Exhibits at the Gallery  (for additional information go to KAA Calendar)

May 1, 2022 – May 29, 2022 Annual Membership Show

June 5, 2022 – June 26, 2022 “Fall in Love with KFalls” by Artist Victoria Landwehr

New News!

The Klamath Art Gallery participated with the Klamath Falls community in showing their appreciation to the hardworking and caring Sky Lakes Medical Center staff! Several members donated their hand made cards along with baskets put together by Eagle Ridge High School students to circulate throughout the community to get signed by neighbors, students, boys and girl scouts. Click on the following links to read the full articles!