Art Association and Gallery

Classes at the Gallery

Class Policies and Procedures
Instructors who would like to hold a workshop or class at the gallery may request a time by
completing the Instructor Application form online or by mailing it to the Art Association. The
application is forwarded to the education director who will then contact the instructor and get
the boards approval. All classes must be approved by the board of directors so the
application should be submitted at least one month before the class time requested.

The gallery charges a fee of 10% of the tuition fee which is to be paid to the art association. The
instructor is responsible fore the registration and payment process for their class.

The Art Association will include information about the class in their newsletter (if time
permits), post information on the website and on Facebook, and send a new release to the

The gallery is unavailable for classes/workshops during open hours (Thursday thru Sunday
12-4) and the last week of the month. Hours available are all day Monday, and Tuesday
and before 11:45 am and after 4:15 pm on Wednesday thru Saturday.

Gallery sponsored workshops and classes-
Classes sponsored by the gallery will be posted on the website and in the newsletter. All
proceeds from these go directly to the art association. To register for these classes, the
participant must register at the gallery. Payment for the class is required at the time of
registration and is non-refundable. Checks need to be made out to the art association.
Members who have ideas for a class/workshop or are willing to hold one should contact the
education director. All classes/workshops must be approved by the board of directors.